Tips to Fix Common iPhone Issues

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The Apple iPhone is a wonderful product when it works right. It does, however, have a few irritable quirks. We frequently troubleshoot and resolve iPhone and iPad related issues, and will keep a running tab of some of our efforts here.

Issue: my iPhone or iPad crashed and will not power on


The iPad and iPhone have been known to crash from time to time. The screen goes dark as if the device has shut down. Powering on does not work. Charging the device does not help, since the battery is not low. In this situation, try doing a “hard reset” by simultaneously holding down the “Home” button and the power button for 10-15 seconds. This could trigger a reset and reboot of the device.

Issue: my text messages show the phone number, not the person’s name


A client complained that their text messages only displayed the person’s phone number. Even though the contact was saved in their phone, it would not display the contact’s name in the text message. It only showed the phone number. We resolved this by taking the following steps:


  1. Click “Settings” –> “Contacts” –> Short Name
  2. Toggle the green button next to “Short Name” to the OFF position
  3. Toggle the green button next to “Short Name” back to the ON position
  4. Double click the HOME button
  5. Find the messages app in the list of open apps and scroll up to close
  6. Click HOME and re-open your text messages


This did the trick for the client. The text messages displayed the contacts name as expected.


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